Great news!

we’re open in Ross.


Located in downtown Ross, Tony Tutto Pizza is all about excellence in pizza, sprinkled with musical flavors and kissed with colorful passion.

PLEASE NOTE: We will remain Cash or Check Only for the next couple of weeks, however Woo Hoo! there is currently an ATM Machine on the premises.

And even a bigger WOO HOO!! We’re going to the “Dark Side” and will FINALLY begin accepting “Plastic” through the Square System near the end of the month!

I thought it was charming in an old school sense the way it was but I guess we tortured folks long enough!!!!! Plus, why not prove old dogs can in fact learn new tricks!!!




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Our Spot

Downtown Ross
California, 94957


Mon-Tue closed
Wed-Sun 11:30 am–9:00 pm


(415) 383-8646