As you may have heard, our last day is Sunday 29th Jan until we find a new spot! Out of town developers will knock down our building for a new project. We love you & will miss you all so so dearly!!! Please subscribe if you wish to receive updates:
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Order: (415) 383 8646
Cash or Local Checks Only
Hours: Wed-Sun 11:30-9pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday


J K., San Francisco, CA says:

"Probably one of the best pizzas I have ever had. We went for the pesto pizza and ate in on the sunny patio. Thin crust, very flavorful and not too greasy. This will give me another excuse to visit Mill Valley more often. They also have a great selection of beverages."

Gabrielle H. San Rafael, CA say:

If Heaven has pizza, it would taste exactly like Tony's pizza. Pizzas are all vegetarian and the fact that my meat-loving, Texan of a partner ate and loved all of his pizza proves one thing.....Tony's pizzas are a miracle!

Marsha Z. San Francisco, CA says:

Tony Tutto:  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways...The menu is all veggie, and for my vegan pals that are typically left out of the pizza game, there are plenty of vegan options.  I've enjoyed all the cheese pizzas, but even the cheese-less ones are mighty yummy. It's not a huge place at all. The picnic tables as seating, indoors and out, are a nice touch.  What seals the deal is his eclectic music selection.  It rocks.

Kristina R. San Francisco, CA says:

Probably the best $12 we've ever spent on a pizza. My husband and I tried two of them. The pumpkin pizza and the mushroom pizza. Both were amazingly fresh, delicate, and perfectly made. Tony is about the sweetest man to ever knead dough. As he served us, he said, "Well, if your day wasn't going well, this is sure to make better!" Amen, brother.

S. Neil V., San Francisco, CA says:

"I've stopped by Tony Tutto Pizza in Mill Valley twice now and I love everything about the place. The pizzas are the best I've ever had, all beautifully prepared with fresh ingredients and lots of fun beverages. The soups, too, are simply sensational. And you gotta meet Tony Tutto himself, for whom pizza is high art. You will enjoy!!!"

Narendra R., Mill Valley, CA says:

"Tony Tutto is definitely a contender for best pizza in the SF Bay Area"

Andy R. San Francisco, Ca says:

"The pizza at this unassuming place is glorious."

Markus K., Mill Valley, CA says:

"Best pizza I ever had in this country. very good quality, unique pizza creations, all organic, no meat. Pricing is very reasonable, paying 10-12$ per pizza. I and my family are clearly a fan."

The Vatican, Rome, Italy says:

“Had we not been so busy introducing things to the world like the Gregorian Calendar and Gregorian Music let alone managing affairs in Rome. We would have certainly and rightfully ordained Tony Tutto Pizza as the favorite pizza of  the Vatican.”
~Your old pals, Pope Gregory I & Pope Gregory XIII~