As you may have heard, our last day is Sunday 29th Jan until we find a new spot! Out of town developers will knock down our building for a new project. We love you & will miss you all so so dearly!!! Please subscribe if you wish to receive updates:
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Order: (415) 383 8646
Cash or Local Checks Only
Hours: Wed-Sun 11:30-9pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday


Tony Tutto Pizza is all about excellence in pizza, sprinkled with musical flavors and kissed with colorful passion.

Whenever possible we seek out and use organically grown ingredients like the unbleached wheat flour used in our pizza dough. Also our tomato sauce, olive oil, herbs and most toppings are organic. We make an extra effort to support local farmer markets and sustainable producers.

TTP will not feature pizzas that contain artifical flavors, preservatives, colors or overly processed ingredients.

TTP is also about fun, so we enjoy offering special beers & ales (several of which are organic), fine wines and natural soft drinks (many of which contain no sugar or sweeteners).

Like so many folks, we too aspire to be a good neighbor and responsible planetary citizen. Therefore, TTP recycles & strives to use recyclables, like in our pizza boxes & paper products. Even our logo was reused! So, as our awareness grows and consciousness expands it seems only natural that TTP join those in spirit who also embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Of course, most of this means nothing compared to our honest & heartfelt desire, which is to offer you the best tasting pizza we can.

Made with Love,

~ Tony Tutto ~